Friday 12th January

This week we have continued our theme of Traditional Tales. During story time we have shared different stories such as; Elves and the Shoe Maker, 3 little pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. Some of the challenges this week have been; creating our own book monsters in the workshop, searching for magic beans in porridge to make simple words, timing ourselves matching shoes, using tweezers to collect as many magic beans in 1 minute and solving golden egg addition questions.

In maths we have been looking at time. Ordering our day, what happens in a year, timed ourselves doing various activities and set a stopwatch to see how long it takes us to do different activities. We then discussed how we measure time in seconds, minutes and hours.

In literacy, we created a story map for Goldilocks and the 3 bears and then the children in pairs completed the ending with their own drawings. We have also been looking at rhyming words and played games to complete the rhyming string. In Spark Your Speech we thought of describing words for Nibbles to create a wanted poster. Some children then decided to write a short sentence using their describing word.

Next week in maths we will be looking at money. There will be lots of opportunity during play for the children to use the vocabulary and play money. We’re creating a tuck shop for snack and ‘Nibbles’ corner shop’.

We now have enough volunteers for our Chester Zoo trip so thank you. (Friday 16th February) Unfortunately, there were too many names put forward so we had to draw names out of a hat to make it fair. You will receive a text on Monday to confirm you are on the trip. If you were unable to come this time, then we’ll make sure you get first refusal on our July trip.

Our Star of the Week went to Macie-Ann this week for her efforts in phonics.

Home Learning

Can you time yourselves doing an activity? How long did it take? Can you take or draw a picture?

Our tricky words this week are: my, for, on, is, she.

We ask that Home Learning books and reading books are back in school by Thursday each week so they can be changed and given out on Friday. Please ensure you have signed the reading log book, even if it’s just your name, this way we know to change the book. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Arrowsmith, Miss Leonard and Mrs Hobin.

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