Friday 20th October

This week we introduced our Superhero Challenges for Continuous Provision by having a Superhero topic. The children were gripped on Monday as they discovered some of our toys had been taken as a note and a picture had been left. They then found various clues as to who had taken them. We’re hoping we can save them next week and they’re safe and well.

The children have been making superhero masks and capes and using these during role play. Freeing superheroes using fine motor activities such as cracking a code using numicom and numbered locks and unthreading tied up superheroes. Creating wanted posters to help catch the villain and designing their own superhero costumes. We have been discovering various superhero powers and then looking at everyday superheroes such as the police.

This week in maths we have been discovering Numicon and have been playing lots of games in order to recognise it by sight. Numicon is multi-sensory approach to teaching maths and is used in various ways. We will use this throughout the year as a teaching aid. To find out more about Numicon follow the link…

This week our Learning Super Hero went to Evie for being a supportive friend and helping others with their learning.

Our attendance this week is: 99% this is amazing! Let’s try and get 100% next week.

Important information

Some building work is taking place in the main building over the next few months.  Please take extra care coming into and leaving the building.  We have spoken to the children about how to be sensible and safe whilst this is happening.

Halloween Disco

Halloween Disco is on Thursday 26th 4pm – drop off is at the main reception and pick up is at 4.45pm at your child classroom door (normal home time collection point)

Half Term

We break up for half term next Friday (27th) for 1 week and back in school on Monday 6th November.

Please remember to put your child’s name on all their jumpers and coats as we have a few without names on.

If you wish to leave a pair of wellies in school for your child, you are more than welcome to. (please put their names in)

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter Rabbits_MRPA.

We kindly ask you for a donation towards the extra snack we have available, this is payable via Parentpay. Thank you in advance for your support.

We are running very short on knickers/underpants and socks/tights so if you have any spare at home please could you kindly donate them. Thank you in advance.

Home Learning

Each week on a Friday we send home a blue Home Learning Journal. This will contain an activity to complete at home over the weekend or in the week (please try to use a page a week), but the books must be back in school by Thursday so we can get them ready again. Please encourage where possible your child to show their independence. We share the books with the class and the children will receive a Dojo for their learning.

This week… Superheroes in training… Can you help out your grown-ups at home by doing small jobs such as tidying your room or helping cook dinner. Write, draw or take a picture to share with the class.

This half term we have had a great turn out for the return of home learning books and reading books. Thank you for your support at home.

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday,

Miss Arrowmith and Miss Leonard

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